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Precious Planet Projection Mobile

I wanted a mobile that was fun, long-lasting and not just a couple of cheap, stuffed animals swirling around. The Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile is a great solution because it has cute animals, but also a neat projection system that makes this toy even more engaging. The images are projected onto a plastic, umbrella-like device that can be removed for projection onto the ceiling. There are 3 modes of audio: songs, nature and heart-beat. The jingles are cute, the nature mode is nice "white-noise", the heart-beat is a winner for newborns. The convenient remote hangs on the door knob, allowing me to control the device without disturbing the baby. It does not work through walls, but is useful regardless.

With it's useful features, cute music and secure attaching devices, I wish we would have had this sooner!
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Precious Planet Jumperoo

At 7-months, Kaden LOVES to jump in the Precious Planet JumperooFisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo, I like the music it plays and enjoy watching him jump his little heart out. With 3 height settings, dangling toys, a teether and multiple play stations, this toy should continue to be fun. The seat is easy to maneuver, so the baby can spin themself around to play with the different toys. However, this toy is not compatible for small babies because the lowest/shortest height setting is still too high for most babies under 6-months. I tried to use blankets to boost the baby up, but it wasn't very effective. I would not buy this toy again, but instead chose one that can be used earlier.

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Graco SnugRide Car Seat

Every parent wants a safe and easy-to-use car seat. After searching high and low, attending a car-seat-education class at our local baby-megastore, reading consumer reports and talking to friends with babies, I selected the Graco SnugRide. I did not opt for the larger SnugRide 32 because who can carry a 32-pound baby in a 7.5-pound car seat? Not me.

The base was easy to install, with an easy to read bubble level to confirm proper installation. This makes the car seat easily and affordably compatible with multiple cars.

The car seat/carrier is simple to adjust and can even be used by clueless grandparents! ;)

I have used a Tide-to-Go pen to clean away stains, which has kept it looking new & clean!

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Bright Starts Lots of Links

Every Mommy needs a set of "Lots of Links" by Bright Starts. This flexible accessory can be used for more things than you can imagine.
  • Dangle toys on car seats
  • Hook toys onto public high chairs so they don't touch the floor when dropped
  • Hang your purse or shopping bags on the stroller
  • Attach your keys to the inside of your diaper bag
  • Link them together for a fun chain toy
  • Let baby use them for teething
Conclusion? They are a must have for all parents.