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Sony HandyCam

In order to get our Sony HandyCam to work on our Mac, we had to upgrade to the new Snow Leopard OS and the iLife '09 suite. The OS takes 4 GB but is really neat and its great to have the camera finally work. If you found this page, use these links to click through- if you buy it through my links, I get 4% back. It's about $5 more at Mac and Best Buy. 
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Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

I was hesitant to spend the money on this one, but boy am I glad I did!! The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym continues to be one of the most used, best toys we have. The reason this playmat is FAR better than the rest because it comes with a toy that plays music and lights up (see the white triangular toy suspended between the blue poles). The quality of the dangling toys and mat are great... I usually dangle whatever toys are handy and alternate them anyhow- but the music/light toy is AWESOME entertainment and even has a few modes, including one that changes the song when it is moved/shaken. When he was younger, he enjoyed watching and listening to it, and now that he can crawl, he climbs beneath it and likes to shake it to change the songs.

This is a total must-have.
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Infantino Sunny Sunshine Crib Toy

Wondering how to keep your newborn happy in the crib? The Infantino Sunny Sunshine Crib Toy will amuse both of you. This was recommended by a friend that is a nanny and thankfully I got one! The singing toy with dancing lights is easy to attach to crib, simple to turn on and continues to play a nice tune for awhile. I replaced it with a mobile when the baby turned about 4 months but still used it on the floor and put it back in the crib once I lowered the mattress for an older baby. He still loves it! 
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Laugh & Learn Fun w/Friends Musical Table

 We LOVE the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table.  It is easy to alternate from the essential OFF mode to 4 audio modes: English, Spanish, music/song and assorted noises. There are 4 main stations around the corners, but even the little toys in between make cute little noises or move or something. Currently, the baby is playing with the toy on the floor but I like the one day, I can add the four blue legs and have a table. I would absolutely recommend this table and even bought another one for a gift.