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Book Club - March 2015

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The basement needs some work. It is damp, but we don't know about water down there. The carpet needs replaced. There is an unfinished "utility room", a "pink bedroom" with window & closet, a "bar room" with a bar and working sink- a room off the bar room that Kyle calls the "poker room". The main section is very large and has a TV connection.


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When you enter the house, the staircase is immediately in front of you, with the fancy chandelier dropping from the tall ceilings. The front stairs meet with the kitchen stairs curve up to the 4 bedrooms. Counter-clockwise, you enter the "blue bedroom", which leads through to a dual-sink, "Jack-&-Jill full bathroom", (not pictured), which connects to another neutral colored bedroom (not pictured). The "master suite" has the aqua walls, and leads through to a full bath with dual-sinks, jacuzzi tub, (maybe shower), and walk-in closet. The guest room with in-suite, full bath is not pictured. 


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1st Floor

Going clockwise from the front door, you enter the "red room" with wooden floors, then proceed into the "dining room", then enter the kitchen- where'll you'll see a section of stairs that connects to main stairs up. The kitchen is fully wrap around, with stainless steel appliances, a TV cable, 2 sinks and the eat-in area with the giant windows behind it. If you turn left of the dinner table, you enter the "red study", if you turn right out of kitchen, you enter the family room area with fireplace. Continue walking, you'll pass the wet bar on left, stairs down on right. Keep walking and the hall to left takes you to half bath room and laundry room with double sinks. Then the 3-car garage.